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  Screw mixer СШ series
  Equipment destination:
Blending of raw materials and binding materials (fraction: -10 mm).
Bulk weight of charge 1,0-2.5 t/sq. m. Temperature of charge +10...+120 oC.
  Technical characteristics of screw mixers СШ-25, СШ-50
    Number of rollers 2  
    Mixer productivity 10 - 50 t/h
    Speed of mixer screws
smoothly requlated
20 - 50 rpm  
    Mixer driving gear 30 - 55 kW  
    Frecuency transformer yes  
    Working range of temperature: +5...+45 oС  
  Constructional features

Screw construction excludes penetration of abrasive materials into frictionless bearings working space.

Fitment bore shape is made in the form of cone with additional fixation by means of threaded connection, that makes possible to exclude angulation of blade round its fulcrum pin.

Electrical equipment - electrical cabinet and remote-control board are produced in dust protection performance.

   Service conditions

Temperature of mixer placement location during a year: -10...+30 oС

Temperature of electrical equipment placement location during a year: +5...+25 oС

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