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Equipment and technologies for briquetting of powder-like and small-sized stuff, contained Nickel, Copper, Chrome, Aluminium, Magnesium, Titanium, Iron and another stuff by means of pressing.

Obtained briquettes use as fuel and raw materials in different fields of national economy.

Roll type briquetting presses, series ПБВ , produced “SPIDERMASH” are divided into several classes according to strength of rollers pressure from 30 to 400 tons.
Diameter of press rollers : 400, 600, 700, 800, 1000 mm.
Width of rollers work surface : 200 - 800 mm.
Rotation speed of rollers from 2 to 10 rpm.
Productivity of presses from от 2 to 50 t/h.
Roll space regulates 0.5 - 10 mm.
Unit pressing force from 500 kg/ to 10 t/ .
Press batcher is crew with smoothly regulated material feed. All the presses have pressure limit jacks, muff for regulation of roll sleeve cells registration, device for strength of rollers pressure regulation.

Field of application:

• In blast-furnace production – to be a substitute for agglomerate, pellet, flux;
• In steelmaking – to be partly a substitute for scrap-iron, cast iron, flux, fuel, alloying materials;
• In non-ferrous metallurgy it can be used as raw materials, flux and fuel;
• In production of plated raw materials, concentrated zinc, nickel, ferric oxides, concentrated black copper oxide, concentrated green rouge and etc.;
• In chemical industry;
• In power industry;
• In materials of construction production.

Received products:

• briquettes volume 4-100 sq. sm.
• mass 5 - 200 gr.

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